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The Data Revolution has begun
Today 98% of all stored information is already digital. Data is everything and everything is data. Bearing this in mind, is your company making data-based decisions?

We help solve data problems

Easy Data


Where do data come from?

Data come from files, public sources, social media etc – but they are usually messy. Data need to be properly captured, classified and stored.
Intelli Suite


How do I interact with data?

Most companies use disconnected tools for chart visualization. But there are beautiful, easy-to-use and customizable softwares out there.
Data doctor


How can data help me take decisions?

Data is the new oil. It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot be used. Predictive analysis and artificial intelligence are good ways to go.
Brintell Squad


What if I need specific services?

Every company has different problems and its own needs. If these needs are related to data, Brintell can handle them.

Who uses

Brintell’s Products/Services through our global partners


In the past couple of years, Brintell has been developing solutions for different countries, with defying cultures and conflicting time zones, in a process of sheer experimentation.
Amidst errors and hits, we have devised a method we call Intelli Cycles, which aims to deliver what have been requested with the minimum amount of gaps and rework. The following steps explain how it works.


Our analysts understand the client's major pains


A design team build high resolution prototypes to solve the matter


System architects validate the expected functionalities


Development sprints are drafted and a deadline is estimated


The prototypes are programmed with agile methodologies


A multidisciplinary team revise every aspect of the components


The product is uploaded to work on the internet


We offers professional support

About us

Founded in 2016, Brintell maintains operations in Brazil and in the US, having its headquarter in Brasilia, BR. The company has started after solving a big data and visualization challenge for an American client. Such was the success, Brintell's demand has only increased since then, as well as its services have been constantly improved.

The company now counts on a multidisciplinary team, composed by engineers, economists, mathematicians, statisticians, developers and designers, who shares the drive to solve ever-growing challenges for our clients.

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